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DSMR-800 Surface Movement Radar

Advanced Aviation Technology Ltd is pleased to offer the DSMR-800, a Low Cost sensor for airport surface movement radar (SMR) applications.

The DSMR800 is a new millimetric radar with a resolution of 0.25m at ranges of 800m. Airport surveillance is achieved by the deployment of sensors at strategic points on the airport surface, providing full coverage without shadowing. This can be done at lower cost than traditional radar solutions and with additional operational benefits. The DSMR-800 is adaptable to a wide range of applications and airport layouts including spot coverage in problem areas.

The DSMR-800 can also provide adaptive coverage with incremental upgrading to full airport SMR (GMR) or as part of an SMGCS.

The DSMR 800 comes with a range of display options and full installation.

Typical applications include:

  • Surface Movement Radar
  • Gap Filling
  • Critical Area Surveillance
  • Runway Incursion Detection
  • Area Penetration Monitoring
  • Conflict Alert
  • ILS Critical Area Protection
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection

The DSMR 800 system capabilities include:

  • Complete and unambiguous coverage
  • Full target resolution and decluttering
  • Better than 95% probability of detection
  • Appropriate error flags indicating radar status
  • Less than 1 false target per revolution
  • Resolution better that 0.5m
  • Accuracy better than 2m
  • Processed target centre better than /-5m
  • Integrity failures reported within 2 seconds.
  • Excellent all-weather peformance
An article covering the airport implementation of the DSMR800 surface movement radar can be found here.

The DSMR-800 can be optimised for Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection.

The DSMR-800 Radar head weighs 15kg and is mounted on a small plinth and 2m frangible mast.

AAT can provide technical support for safety case development and certification.

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