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Recent aviation safety papers and conference presentations by AAT include the following (for Word document of any paper, please contact: kim.oneil@aatl.net):

  • Perimeter Security Radar, Passenger Terminal World, November 2006.
  • Surface Movement Radar, Air Traffic Technology International, October 2006.
  • Impact of Hypoxia on Flight Crew, Cabin Safety Conference, Royal Aeronautical Society, London, May 2006.
  • Offshore Search and Rescue, Final Report, European Commission, September 2005.
  • Galileo and Road Tolling, ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, November 2004.
  • Measurement of Fatigue, Flight Safety Symposium, Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 12-13th October 2004.
  • Aircraft and Airport Evacuation using Directional Sound, Aviation Fire Europe 2004 Conference, Amsterdam, 6-8th October 2004.
  • Galileo Receiver Development, Aerospace Testing International, September 2004.
  • Testing for Fatigue, Drugs & Alcohol, Intersec, Sandown Park, June 2004.
  • Datalink Flight Testing, Aerospace Testing International, September 2003.
  • Surveillance Datalinks, Air Traffic Technology International, September 2003.
  • Screening Crew and Ground Staff, Cabin Safety, Brighton, 19-20th May, 2003.
  • Airport Screening, Passenger Terminal World 2003, Hamburg, 25-28th February, 2003.
  • Drugs and Alcohol Screening, Aviation Security, December 2002.
  • Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting, Flight Deck International, March 2002.
  • The Single European Sky, Flight Deck International, March 2002.
  • LED Cabin Lighting Systems, Aircraft Interiors Expo 2002, Hamburg, April 2002.
  • Directional Sound: Improving Aircraft Evacuation, Cabin Interiors, Dec. 2001.
  • Directional Sound: Improving Airport Evacuation, Passenger Terminal World, June 2002.
  • Airbus: Human Factors in the Cockpit, Flight Deck International, November 2001.
  • Offshore Applications of ADS-B, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Forum and Conference, 25th-26th October 2001, Hotel Okura, Amsterdam.
  • Passenger Path Control, Advanced Airport Technologies, 24th-27th September 2001, The Hilton, Amsterdam
  • Building a Business Case for Datalink Applications, CNS Technologies for ATM Operations and Integration Conference, 24th-27th September 2001, The Hilton, Amsterdam
  • Civil/Military Airspace Integration, Civil and Military ATC conference,
    10-11th September 2001, Hatton Garden, London.Powerpoint presentation here.
  • Galileo: European Satellite Navigation System, Flight Deck International, September 2001.
  • European Standard for VDL mode 4, ETSI, March 2001.
    Alternative download location for VDL mode 4 Standard.
  • Datalink Options, www.rmr-aviation2001.com, March 2001.
  • Russia: Implementing ADS-B, CNS/ATM conference, Taipei, March 2001.
  • Russia: Implementing ADS-B, www.rmr-aviation2001.com, March 2001.
  • easyJet: On-line Booking Systems, Airline Management Decisions, March 2001.
  • easyJet Internet Business Model, ACI Airport Technology, March 2001.
  • Operational Benefits of Head Up Displays, Flight Deck International, Feb. 2001.
  • Technical Liability in Satellite Navigation, GPS Procedures conference, Versaille France, October 2000. Powerpoint presentation here
  • Russia:Implementing Surveillance System Based on VDL Mode 4 , Air Traffic Technology International 2001, October 2000.
  • Datalink: Fact and Fiction, CPDLC Conference, Rome, May 2000.
    Powerpoint presentation here
  • ICIS Electronic Flight Bag: An Integrated Crew Information System, Flight Deck, April 2000.
  • Russia:Implementing Surveillance System Based on VDL Mode 4 , Flight Deck, April 2000.
  • Technical Liability in Satellite Navigation, CNS/ATM Conference, Taipei, March 2000.
  • Implementing Low Cost Airport Systems with VDL Mode 4, China ATC, February 2000.
  • Choosing the Right Datalink, Airline Management Decisions, February 2000.
  • The Bio-Sensor: Substance Detection at Airports, Passenger Terminal world, February 2000.
  • VDL Mode 4: Implementing ADS-B, Air Traffic Solutions, December 1999.
  • VDL Mode 4 - Towards Implementation, Air Traffic Technology International, Nov. '99.
  • Free Flight and Collaborative ATM, Air Traffic Technology International, Oct '99.
  • ADS-B in Search & Rescue, Offshore SAR Safety Conference, Aberdeen, Oct '99.
  • Technical Liability in Satellite Navigation, Flight International Conf, Amsterdam, Sept '99.
  • Advanced Aircraft Architectures, Flight Deck, March 1999.
  • Global Airline Operational Communications, Flight Deck, March 1999.
  • Improving Pilot Situation Awareness, CNS/ATM Seminar, Taipei, March '99.
  • Nean Update Programme, CNS/ATM Seminar, Taipei, March '99.
  • Improving the Safety of Communications, CNS/ATM Seminar, Taipei, March '99.
  • Developing CNS/ATM Infrastructure, CNS/ATM Seminar, Jakarta, Feb. '99.
  • Towards Free Flight and Collaborative ATM, Air Traffic Equipment International, Oct '98.
  • Trajectory Concept and ADS-B, Flight International Conference, Amsterdam, Sept '98.
  • Pro-active Safety Culture, Airport and ATM Conference, London, May '98.
  • Advanced Avionics Architectures, (Kilchert, Lindberg, O'Neil): -
    - ICAO CNS/ATM Conference, Rio de Janeiro, May '98
    - RTCA/Eurocae Meeting, Ottowa, May '98.
    - FAA/Eurocontrol Joint R&D meeting, Washington, May '98
    - Airline User Meeting, Stockholm, March '98 -
  • CNS/ATM Seminar, Taipei, March '98. ADS-B and Free Flight, GPS Procedures Design Seminar, Geneva, Jan. '98.
  • CNS/ATM Certification and Free Flight, Free Flight Conference, London, January '98.
  • An Overview of European ATM Legislation, NEAN Project, November '97.
  • ADS-B Certification, CEAS Conference on ATM, Amsterdam, October '97.
  • ADS-B Certification, Air Traffic Technology International, October '97.
  • CNS/ATM Certification, ATM Europe Conference, London, June '97.
  • Certification Case Studies, ATS Engineering Conference, Bournemouth, May '97.
  • ADS-B Certification Case Studies, Airline Users Meeting, Stockholm, December, '96.
  • ADS-B Certification Case Studies, Royal Aeronautical Society Symposium, October, '96.
  • Towards Certification of ADS-B, Flight CNS/ATM Conference, Amsterdam, October, '96.
  • The EMC Directive, UK CAA Engineering Conference, Brighton, May 1996.
  • ETR 1506: A Survey of Aeronautical Mobile Earth Station Standardisation, ETSI, April '96.
  • Security and the ATN, ICAO ATN Panel, Seattle, March '96.
  • The Development of an ATN Safety Case, ICAO ATN Panel, Seattle, March '96.
  • Towards GNSS Certification, Airline Navigation Conference '95, Amsterdam, Sept. '95.
  • Safety Certification in an International Market, CSSA seminar, London, May '95
  • Future Technologies and Safety, ATS Engineering conference, Blackpool, May '95.
  • ADS: A Certification Case Study:
    - Eurocontrol IAR Task Force, Brussels, February '95
    - Eurocontrol OCR Task Force, Brussels, January '95.
  • Safety Regulation of GNSS, UK Position Paper, ICAO GNSS Panel, Montreal, October '94.
  • The Certification of GNSS:-
    - ATC '94, Maastricht, February '94;
    - ATC 2000, Kuala Lumpur, May '94;
    - ATS Engineering Conference, Bristol, May '94
    - Global Navcomm '94, Geneva, July '94
    - Landing Systems Conference, Geneva, October '94.
  • The Harmonisation of European Safety Regulation, Position Paper, November '94.
  • Safety Regulatory Objectives, Position Paper, October '94.
  • Separating Service Provision from Safety Regulation, Position paper, May '94.
  • European Standards in ATM, ATS Engineering Conference, Bristol, May '94.
  • Development of Engineering Requirements, ATS Engineering Conference, Bristol, May '94.
  • ATS Engineering Requirements, UK CAA (CAP 581), Jan. 1994.
  • Security of ATS Facilities, ATS Engineering Conference, Birmingham, May '93.
  • Security of Aeronautical Telecommunications, Eurocontrol ATN Meeting, Alton, Jan. '93.
  • The Development of Safety Cases, Eurocontrol ATN meeting, Alton, England, Jan. '93.
  • ATS Systems Safety Cases, ATS Engineering Conference, York, May '91.
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