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Advanced Aviation Technology Ltd.
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Technical Services, Products and Consultancy

Advanced Aviation Technology Ltd. can advise on Communications, Navigation and Surveillance design and implementation in Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) including ADS-B applications. This includes Aircraft, Airport and ATM infrastructure issues including both operational and technical aspects.

AAT can advise on ATM regulation and safety management.

AAT can advise on the Safety, Certification and Operation of Hardware, Software, Systems and Procedures for both ground and airborne equipments and systems including Risk analysis and Safety Case development.

AAT has carried out significant work in satellite navigation, satellite communications, and other telecommunication services including terrestrial data-links and their applications. AAT's work has contributed to the development of International Standards at ICAO, ETSI and elsewhere.

AAT can co-ordinate between Airlines, Airports, ATC Providers, Manufacturers and Regulatory Authorities - including International co-ordination.

AAT can carry out Technical and Market Studies and provide Marketing Support.

AAT can supply airport surface movement radar solutions (SMR), including:

  • Surface Movement Radar
  • Gap Filling
  • Critical Area Surveillance
  • Runway Incursion Detection
  • Area Penetration Monitoring
  • Conflict Alert
  • ILS Critical Area Protection
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection

AAT is also able to advise on advanced CNS solutions for Search and Rescue (SAR).

AAT can supply Frontline, AAT's low cost explosives detection solution.

AAT can supply AAT can assist in the development of Fatigue, Drugs and Alcohol screening policies and procedures and can supply a wide range of screening products. Fatigue and Drugs screening can be efficient, effective and low cost.

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Advanced Aviation Technology Ltd.
The Old Post Office,
The Street, Compton,
Surrey GU3 1ED. ENGLAND.
Tel. 44 1483 811 311.

Email: kim.oneil@aatl.net

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