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The AAT website was updated on 14th January, 2010.

Airport Surface Movement Radar Products

AAT is proud to present its low cost airport surface movement radar (SMR) product.
The DSMR800 is a millimetric radar suitable for many airport applications, including:
  • Surface Movement Radar
  • Gap Filling
  • Critical Area Surveillance
  • Runway Incursion Detection
  • Area Penetration Monitoring
  • Conflict Alert
  • ILS Critical Area Protection
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection

The DSMR800 is low cost, easily installed and provides excellent coverage.
An article on Low Cost Airport Radar has been published in Air Traffic Technology International.
AAT has already been invited to bid on a number of airport SMR contracts.


AAT is currently under contract to provide:

  • Airport Safety Cases (including Radar, Navaids and Landing systems)
  • Airport Safety Assessments
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Airline Startup Study and Business Case

AAT successfully delivered several contracts with international Civil Aviation Administrations:

  • Safety Management Training to meet ICAO Safety management requirements
  • Air Traffic Service Certification
  • Safety Case Development for various ATM applications

AAT appears on TV

AAT has recently appeared on various TV channels including the BBC, commenting on recent aviation accidents and incidents.

AAT appeared in a TV production for the Discovery Channel.
The programme investigated the Helios aircraft accident.

AAT is currently contributing to two new programmes on Space exploration.

Drug Detection kits Approved

Following successful trials of AAT's Drug Test detection kits, UK Customs have approved these kits for operational use. The trials carried out by HM Customs have demonstrated that the drug test kits are accurate, reliable, easy to use, quick and effective.

Chemical Test for Explosives

AAT announce its colorimetric chemical test for explosives. The "Frontline" test is easy to use, reliable and non-toxic. By taking a swab of the suspect substance and applying it to each of three pads, a colour response is obtained if explosives are present. The colour change indicates the type of explosive. Results are obtained within 2 minutes. The Frontline test will detect all major explosive types. This includes all commercial and homemade types of explosives.

This low cost explosives test enables easy searching of vehicles, people, bags, work surfaces etc. The detection kit can be used on hands, plastics, fabrics etc. The solvent on the swabs is very effective at lifting explosives residue on all materials, is safe to use and will not stain.

These easy-to-apply colorimetric tests have been developed as a rapid indicator for :

  • Nitroaromatics
  • Nitramines
  • Nitrates
  • Chlorates
  • Peroxides

The list of detected substances includes: DNT, TNT, EGDN, MMAN, NC, NG, NS, RDX, PETN, Tetryl, Ammonium nitrate, Potassium nitrate, Sodium nitrate, Nitrite, ANFO, Trinitrobenzene, Picric acid, HMX.

Galileo Projects

AAT is a member of consortia that recently delivered the results of two 6th Framework Programme (6FP) projects. The consortia were working on applications of the Galileo Satellite Navigation System. Galileo is due to become operational by 2014 and will offer certified positioning and timing servicies to Users.

AAT completed work on the safety and certification aspects of these GNSS projects:

  • Galileo Receiver Design
  • Road Tolling Applications

A full list of available technical papers can be found at the publications pages.

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